5 Tips for Creating Fabulous Instagram Stories

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Instagram stories are everything right now! Are you using them? If so, are you getting the most out of them? Likely not. If you are like most, you are using just the basics to get you from one story to the next and have no idea how to truly customize your stories. 

Let’s dive in and fill your Instagram toolbox so your brand can stand out and you can navigate stories like a pro.  

Choosing Your Font Color

After you upload or take your photo or video, you can add words that help better get your message across. Click the Aa icon on the top right of the screen.

5 Ways to Create Better Instagram Stories

Choose any of the preselected colors by swiping the circles to the left and clicking on any of the color circles.

If you aren’t loving what you are seeing, press and hold down on any of the color circles and it will open up a rainbow of color options. Just move the bubble around and watch the colors change inside it. When you find the one you love, let go and start typing.

5 Ways to Create Better Instagram Stories

If you want to match the color of the font to anything in the image, click the Aa, then click the dropper on the bottom left. Move the bubble over to the color you want to match. Once you have it, release and starting typing.

5 Ways to Create Better Instagram Stories

Changing Font Size & Background

You can change the size of your font by dragging the scale on the left up and down. Smaller is lower, larger is higher.

5 Ways to Create Better Instagram Stories

You can also add a background to your font by clicking the Aa, typing your text then clicking the boxed in A at the center top of your screen. Click once and you get this:

5 Ways to Create Better Instagram Stories

Click again for this:

A third click gets you back to regular text.

Click once and you get this:

Creating a Solid Background

Ever wonder how people get those pretty solid colored backgrounds? They aren’t taking photos of construction paper. It’s actually super simple. Take a picture of anything, it doesn’t matter because the color is going to cover it up. Click on the pen next to the Aa. Find a color you love from the circles below and click the circle. Now put your finger anywhere on the photo you took and hold it down. The color will cover the entire image. Magic.

You can use the erase button to erase some of the filler and just reveal a certain piece of the image like this below if you want to get super creative. The erase button is the fourth circle from the left. 

Click once and you get this:

Using Different Pen Sizes

Each pen has a different style. From left to right these are the different options (minus the eraser).

Take a Poll

Step one, either take a photo you want in the background or create a solid background. Next, click on the square with the smiley face at the top of the screen. (This is also where you will find all your own emojis, fun IG emoji and location, time and date add-ons.) Click Poll, then type your question.

5 Ways to Create Better Instagram Stories

You can also change the words in the box by clicking on each of them.

5 Ways to Create Better Instagram Stories

BONUS TIP: Use Hashtags

Include a hashtag in your story. Just like on your main feed, it boosts your story’s reach. I posted this video last night and in short order I had over 300 views. Not sure what hashtags to use? I’ve got you covered with my Instagram Hashtag Cheat Sheet for Women Entrepreneurs!

5 Tips for Creating Fabulous Instagram Stories

BONUS TIP 2: Add a Link

If you have 10,000+ followers you can add links to your Instagram stories. Click the the link icon in the center and it will prompt you to add a link.

5 Ways to Create Better Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories has quickly become everyone’s favorite way of using the platform. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to showcase your brand’s story every day with fun, colorful and create Instagram Stories.

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