A Simplified Social Media Plan for Female Entrepreneurs: Includes a Social Media Planner

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Social media doesn't have to be overwhelming. Simplify it with a plan and don't overdo it. Small businesses don't have to time to post daily, so take a breath, use this Social Media Planner for Female Entrepreneurs and start simplifying your social!

I realize as a small business owner, you are extremely busy wearing a thousand different hats each day and trying to get it all done while balancing a personal and family life. You know social media is critical to your business success, but who has the time?

It’s so overwhelming and you don’t even know where to start. This post will solve that problem. The easiest way to simplify your social media is by having a plan. By breathing and realizing you don’t have to do it like Southwest or Kopari does it. They are huge companies paying a team handle their social. Your goals for social media need to work for you. Start small, do what you can and most importantly, have a plan!

This post will teach you three simple things:

1. The Importance of Knowing Who You Are Speaking To On Social Media
2. What and How Often to Post
3. How To Simplify Your Social Media By Having a Plan and Using the Social Media Planner for Female Entrepreneurs To Execute It.

1. The Importance of Who You Are Speaking To On Social Media

You must have a clear understanding of exactly who your client is, how they like to be spoken to and what they are interested in hearing from you. This will help you decide the right topics for your social media plan. If you haven’t already defined your ideal customer, The Ultimate Branding Guide for Female Entrepreneurs, will help you get clear on exactly who she is. Once you have defined your ideal customer you can start crafting content designed specifically for her.

2. What and How Often Should You Post

How often should I be posting?

It is far more important to post quality then it is to post quantity. You don’t have to post several times per day. You don’t even have to post every day. You do have to be consistent and you do have to provide quality for your ideal customer. Post every Monday, Wednesday and Friday or every weekday or all seven days. Whatever is best for you, but be consistent.

Post Topic Ideas:

Everything you post should fall into one of four categories 70% of the time; educate, entertain, empower, engage or emotion. The other 30% of the time should be posts containing your product or service..  This is called the 70/30 rule.

1. Share your a blog post. (Educate)
2. Share a weekly tip. (Educate with a #tuesdaytip)
3. Play in daily hashtags i.e. #mondaymotivation, #tuesdaytip, #wednesdaywisdom, etc. (Not sure which hashtags to use? I have an extensive list!)
4. Ask Your Community a Question, do a Poll or do a Fill in the Blank Question (Engage)
5. Keep a calendar of holidays and “important dates” like National Chocolate Day, National Margarita Day, National Friendship Day. They are the perfect opportunity to do something fun on your social media accounts. Don’t miss out on these easy engagement opportunities. Subscribe to my weekly email and get notified of all holidays and important dates! (Entertain)
6. Share a quote you love. (Empower)
7. Promote your product or service (Sales)
8. Post a lifestyle image. Coffee and a good book, a puppy or kitten, the ocean or a beautiful flower. Something that means something to you and that your ideal customer would love to see to give them a break from the seriousness of their day. (Entertain)
9. Use user generated content. If someone else has shared a great photo of your product, use it in your own social media. Be sure to give credit back. (Sales)
10. Showcase a team member. (Emotion)
11. Feature another female entrepreneur. (Empower)
11. Host a giveaway.
12. Post a photo of yourself (People buy from people. Show them who you are. When they put your face to your service or product they are able to relate to you.) (Emotion)

Pick at least seven different topics that you would like to consistently post about. For example, Weekly Blog Post, Weekly Tip, Featured Female, Quotes, Lifestyle Image (One Dog, One Cocktail), Product/Service. Then post them in order of one to seven. If you post seven days a week you will post them all each week. If you only post three days per week it will take you a couple of weeks to go through all of the content. If you are doing a blog post per week, then you consistently post that on a specific date and then just rotate the rest of the social content around the post. Make sense? If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them in my private Facebook Group, Simplifying Social: Empowering Women Entrepreneurs.

3. The Importance Of and How To Plan Your Social Media Planner

Most small businesses don’t have a social media plan. Not having a plan is a recipe for failure in social. Without a plan you will randomly be posting useless content that provides no consistency and no value to your ideal customer thus providing no value to your business.

Planning out your social media is the single most effective thing you can do to simplify your social media. If done properly, when your ideal customer comes to your social media accounts to see if you are a good fit, everything you have posted will align, educate and make them feel like they must buy what you are selling.

Step One: Topic Planner
It is important to develop a posting plan and schedule. Start with a Topic Planner. The Topic Planner is where you schedule out the topics I discussed above. This takes the guesswork out of what you are going to post everyday and creates consistency in your social media. It is your guide every month for planning your upcoming social media posts on all platforms. Instead of starting from scratch each week you have daily prompts to simplify the process. I have created a Social Media Planner for Female Entrepreneurs to help guide you in this process.

Step Two: Monthly Content Planner
Use a Monthly Content Planner  to guide you as you create the the content for each post. You have your topics figured out for each day you will be posting, now you add in the exact content you will be post for that topic. Lay out your entire month of content. For example, instead of blog post, you are now deciding which blog post. Instead of weekly tip, you are now spelling out the exact tip you will be giving that week.

Step Three: Weekly Post Planner
Get specific withWeekly Post Planner. This is where the actual wording, images, links and hashtags for the upcoming week’s posts go. I usually do this on Thursday or Friday each week for the following week. Pick a couple of hours each week where you can sit down, map it all out and get prepared for the following week and use the Social Media Planner for Female Entrepreneurs to set yourself up for success!

You can add one more step and that is to schedule all of your posts for the following week. There are a ton of scheduling apps, you just have to find the one that appeals to you most. I recommend Later or Hootsuite for small or no budget. If this seems like an overwhelming step, skip it and just manually post on your posting days. Remember do social media in a way that allows you to actually do it.

Imagine waking up every morning without that defeating feeling of no social media plan and then doing nothing because you weren’t prepared. Rinse, repeat. Use this calendar to get on top of  your social media plan and start drawing new customers in. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them in my private Facebook Group, Simplifying Social: Empowering Women Entrepreneurs.

Organization and a carefully crafted brand voice are the keys to social media success. Take the time to get in front of your social media platforms each week. Not only will you see significant growth and engagement on your social platforms, it will take you less time to do your social and leave you with more time to spend growing your business.

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