Ready, Set, Goals: How to Crush Your Daily To Do’s

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Daily Planner for Women Entrepreneurs
Do you sit at your desk all day long and spin your wheels? Life is overwhelming. There is so much to do, you don’t know where to start, so you find yourself watching Instagram Stories for hours under the guise that you are doing “research” for your own stories? Or you go to Facebook to check out someone’s page for tips or guidance and an hour later you have watched ten recipe videos you will never make and spent countless amount of time typing, erasing and retyping a comment you never posted because what’s the point? What just happened?

I get it, I’ve been there. I used to be the greatest “researcher”. Then I realized my business was getting nowhere, I was most definitely not getting younger and my dream of having this business built into an empire that empowers women entrepreneurs wasn’t a goal at all, just a dream that I had while scrolling.

So I got organized, created a plan with this SIMPLIFY MY DAY PLANNER, stuck to it and things are GROWING and I am making those goals a reality. Are you ready to organize your day, get focused and make YOUR dreams a reality? Here’s how I do it!

1. Start Your Day With Purpose
I used to wake up every morning, reach for my phone and head straight to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Before I ever got out of bed, I was agitated, annoyed and wanted to kick some teeth in. One day I thought, “What the hell am I doing?” I made the decision to try something else because this sure wasn’t working for me or those in my life. That decision was life changing.

I start my mornings by laying in bed, taking deep breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth to the count of five on each. I do this five times in a row. I then set my intentions for the day. My intentions most days start with living in the now, not worrying about what might be or what could happen, instead enjoying this moment, right now, all day long.

I set my intentions on patience (not one of my greatest strengths). I set my focus on gratitude for all that I am blessed with and kindness for everyone I come in contact with each day. To leave their lives better than the moment before I saw them. I set my focus on letting go of any negative thoughts that don’t serve my purpose.

Instead of starting my day by reaching for my phone and reading the news or scrolling through Facebook, I start my day with a focus on what I want to be, feel and project. With my intentions set for how I want to feel and make other’s feel, it allows me to frame my emotions, instead of my emotions framing me, in everything I do that day.

2. Gratitude & Inspiration
I sit down at my desk every morning and write down two specific things I am grateful for. Some days, it’s coffee other days I am more prolific. Don’t judge your gratitudes. We aren’t Buddha.

I then write down two things that would make me happy today. It could be closing a deal or getting a workout in. It could be doing something kind for someone else. Or maybe it’s not having to make dinner tonight. Whatever it is, write it down and make it happen. 

Next, I write down a daily affirmation I want to focus on. “I am a kind and powerful women who strives to leave every person better than when I met them and who inspires other women to empower each other.” Or some days “I am a fierce warrior of writing and I WILL write this damn blog post even if it sucks.”

Finally, I write a quote that I want to reference throughout the day for inspiration. “No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” Or somedays, “Whatever doesn’t me kill me … better start running.” Some days my moods are kind, others not so much.

3. Prioritize Your To Do List
Most of us don’t get to the bottom of our to-do list daily. This causes stress and anxiety as we walk away from our desk every night and an overwhelmingness every morning when we return. Not a good way to end or begin your day.

Remove those negative emotions by prioritizing your To-Do List every morning. Separate your list into Must Happens, Should Happens and Could Happens.

Must Happens are exactly that. You MUST get them done today before you put your head on a pillow. You only get two of these because you need to be able to sleep and unless you are a life-saving surgeon, it’s likely your to-dos aren’t saving lives. Don’t pile on stress by being unreasonable about the hours in your day and what you can accomplish. 

Your Should Happens are things that you should get done today but you won’t lose sleep if they don’t get done.

And finally your Could Happens are things you would really like to get done today but if they don’t, they don’t. 

Use the  SIMPLIFY MY DAY PLANNER every morning will create a sense of calm and clarity. A small amount of planning makes all the difference in your focus and productivity. 

4. Turn Off Notifications
This is a BIG one. Social media, email notifications and even news alerts on your computer and your phone are major distractions. Turn off all notifications. Check your emails and your social media accounts two to three times per day. Put it in your schedule and don’t peek in between. A quick Facebook check will have you asking yourself, “What the hell happened to the last hour?” Stay focused and stay on schedule.

5. Take Breaks
Small breaks refresh your mind and focus. My husband got me an iWatch for my birthday. One of the things I love most about it is that it reminds me after I have been sitting for a long stretch to get up and move. I take one minute and walk around, stretch, grab some water, anything but sitting at my desk. It also reminds me several times a day to breathe. So for one minute I close my eyes and breathe and clear my mind. These tiny little moments make a huge impact on your stress level, your focus and your productivity. 

6. Clean Your Desk
Before you leave your desk every day, give it a quick clean up. Walking into a clean, decluttered work area every morning allows your mind to breathe and focus on the tasks ahead of you.

I am sharing with you the SIMPLIFY MY DAY PLANNER I created for myself. Print it out and use it every day and you will see amazing results!

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