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Blog-less? 5 Reasons Your Small Business Should Have a Blog

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Don’t have a blog for your business? Let’s fix that.

Blogs provide free SEO, a way to connect and create authority with your ideal customers and a way to capture that fabulous gold glitter also known as your customer’s email address. Blog posts drive traffic to your site, provide value to your customer, are easy for your customers to share with their friends and they offer you TONS of social media content. 

Let’s dive into the top five reasons your small business must have a blog!


Most small businesses can’t afford to compete for keywords other larger businesses have already paid top dollar for. Search engines love new content. By writing consistent, keyword-rich blog posts that answer the questions your ideal customer is searching for, you give Google and other search engines content to index. A blog won’t get you on the first page of Google overnight, it takes time, like everything else, it’s a long journey. That said, if you put in the time and effort it will significantly enhance your search engine rankings over time, for free. 

Create Shares with Valuable Content

The ultimate goal of a blog post is to create value by solving problems or fulfilling the needs of your clients. If your blog posts are answering the questions your ideal customer has, they will keep coming back for more and they will share your content with others.

The more you are shared, the more potential ideal customers you will reach and the more traffic you’re driving to your site. A consistent blog schedule provides consistent shareable content allowing you to reach new people weekly.

BONUS TIP: Install social share buttons on your blog so your followers can easily share your content on all of their favorite social sites.

Strengthen Your Social Media Strategy

Every blog post you write provides gives you valuable social content to fill up your social media planner. We all know how hard it is to come up with a consistent amount of content to share across our platforms, so it’s smart and a better use of your time to pull from and re-use your blog content.

Blog posts aren’t salesly, they are actual, feel proud of what you are pushing, valuable content that your ideal customer needs. How refreshing to cut through the sales process and say, BUT WAIT, look at this blog post I wrote for you where I answer the questions you have or solve the  problem you have or lessens your pain. I am here for you, I care. That’s what you say with every blog post.

Each time you write one blog post you provide yourself with endless amounts of social sharing content. You can take one tip from the post and use that as your Tuesday Tip that week. You can do a quick video of a different tip to get some much needed video algorithm boost. You can show the blog post in your Instagram Stories, “New Post Up Today!”. You can create a Facebook Live around the post and do a Q&A for your ideal customers. The possibilities are endless! 

Download the Ultimate Before and After Blog Post Checklist to make sure you are doing everything you should be before and after your blog post goes live.

Become Their Authority

Know, like and trust. That is what you are trying to create with your ideal customers and consistent problem solving content will do just that. Your audience will begin to know you through your posts, they will like you because you are answering their questions. They will trust you because you ease their pain and solve their problems. You become their authority when you have all three from your customers. And at the end of the day, people are more likely to buy from companies and brands they consider an authority in their space.

Use Posts to Grow Your Email List

Every time someone new reads your blog post, you have the opportunity to capture their email address. Why is that so important? Remember when you used to reach all of your Facebook customers just by posting to your Facebook Business Page? Now you reach less than 2 percent of them because of Facebook’s algorithm updates.

The only way to ensure you can reach your customers any time you want is to have your own database. If you have your ideal customers’ emails, you can reach out anytime you have something useful for them, i.e. a blog post AND any time you want to offer a sale or promotion or introduce a new product.

BONUS TIP: Create an offer that aligns with each blog post that provides even MORE value. In order to get the offer, your potential ideal customer provides you with their email address. For example, I did a post last week about crushing your daily to-dos and offered a printable Daily Planner to simplify your day, which is only accessible after someone submits their email address. Don’t have an email list or newsletter? I’ve got you covered. Next week’s blog post will help you get started!

I created this Ultimate Before and After Blog Post Checklist so you know exactly what to do before, during and after you post your blog. You may not need every step, for example if you aren’t running ads disregard that step, if you only use Instagram and Pinterest, disregard the other platforms. Print it out today and use the blog posts to increase your business presence!


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