Why Your Business Should Have a Facebook Group

By May 3, 2018 One Comment

If you are inside my Facebook Group, Simplifying Social: Empowering Women Entrepreneurs, you know I am a big fan of groups and you know I think you should ALL have a Facebook Group.

You need a group, not a Facebook page, because reach is at less than two percent on your page, which means less than two percent of your followers are seeing what you are posting. SO, if you aren’t paying for your posts to be seen on your Facebook page, your posts likely aren’t being seen.

“Why not just skip Facebook all together and focus my efforts on Instagram and Pinterest,” you ask.

You could but you would be turning your back on the leader of social media platforms. Facebook now has nearly two billion users. I don’t know about you, but I am not turning away from that big ass audience.

Instead I am going to get smart and use the platform in a way that works. Your page doesn’t. Your group will.

Need more convincing? No problem, let’s dive in.

Direct Engagement

You are a real person and so are the people you want to connect with on Facebook. You’ve heard me say this before, in my post 13 Things You Should Do To Improve Your Instagram Feed and GrowthPEOPLE BUY FROM PEOPLE. With a Facebook group you have the opportunity to build a community that is directly engaged with what you are doing, selling, and posting about. You will have real people, engaging with you and other real people. It will remind you of what Facebook used to be look, in the good old days. 

A Chance To Get Personal

The average Facebook user views a Facebook business page as an advertisement or a place where brands are constantly selling to them. They’re less likely to engage even if the content is relevant or valuable.

A Facebook Group on the other hand is a place where people feel they can personally connect and engage with like-minded individuals. It’s the perfect way to get personal and connect with your followers. Have some fun, tell relevant stories, let them see the real you. As I said above, people buy from people. Want them to buy what you are selling? Let them get to know, like and trust you.

By connecting directly with people and building a niche community you’ll be able to introduce products and services to a whole group of people who are already interested in buying whatever you have to sell!     

More Meaningful Control

With a Facebook group you have more control. You can choose to have your page secret, private or public.

Secret means no one will know about your group unless you tell them about it. Facebook will not show it as a suggested group to others on Facebook they think would be interested in joining. You don’t want to make your business group a secret. This is for family groups or work groups that you want to keep exclusive.

Private means you have control over who joins. Your group name and description is public and Facebook will serve it up to those it thinks would benefit from or be interested in your group. BUT, you get to decide who to let in. In order to gain entry, you can ask a few key questions. For example, if you want to join my Facebook Group, you have to answer the following questions.

  1. How did you find the group?
  2. Do you own your own business or do social media for a brand?
  3. What is your biggest social media struggle?

Public means anyone can join and see anything inside the group.

With a Facebook group you can control who can find the group, who can join the group, and what happens within the confines of that group.  Aside from being a total joy for the control freak in all of us, it’s a great way to build the kind of environment that fosters real communication, relationships, and trust.

Facebook users are more likely to join in the conversation within the safety of a private group. Whereas a Facebook PAGE opens everyone (and the discussion) up to criticism from people who might not have all the information!

Building Trust & Relationships

As with anything in life, people want value. They want value in their products, their content, and their experiences. With a Facebook group you can directly answer questions, address concerns, and find out more about your audience.

Not only does this engage your audience and build a community of followers, it also allows you to create trust and build relationships on a more individual level. You can do live video, provide exclusive content and humanize yourself.

People will respond to the “realness” of you. They want to connect with you and other people who are on a similar journey. A Facebook group makes those connections possible in a way that a Facebook page simply cannot.

If you engage and work hard to provide valuable content to your group you will have built a community of fans that is ready to support you and share your products and services with their circles as well.

Questions and Answers

This is a great place to ask questions of your group. Asking questions lets you get a deeper understanding of their wants and needs. Facebook groups are also a great place for them to ask you questions. You can use an Ask Me Anything or Q&A session to connect directly with your group members. This gives you valuable insight into your customers wants and needs and also provides endless tips for the kind of services, products and content you should be creating for them. 

This is an awesome way to build trust and relationships.Your audience will love the fact that they can interact on a more one-on-one level.

Great Place to do Live Video

If you are like most of my clients, AND ME, you are terrified of live video.

It can be really stressful to do a live video in front of your entire Facebook page audience. With a Facebook group you have a smaller and more targeted audience that knows you and will be more kind and open to your videos.

Doing live videos in your group will also be less stressful and more meaningful since the audience is more invested in the information. If you have never done a Facebook Live or if you are just looking for a way to hone your skills it’s much easier to do that in a Facebook group!

Convinced you should start your own Facebook Group but have questions on the setup, what to say, how often to post and more? Head on over to my Facebook Group, Simplifying Social: Empowering Female Entrepreneurs and ask me all your questions there!