5 Self-Care Tips to Boost Your Productivity

You know that feeling when you are at your complete wits end? Everything is stressing you out and your to-do list has you feeling completely overwhelmed? Your brain feels hazy and you can’t think straight? You start one task only forgetting to complete it because you’re distracted by yet another notification? Time to take control. In order to truly function…

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6 Simple Steps to Creating a Social Media Plan

If you don’t have a social media plan, you don’t have social media. Just throwing crap up without intention, is worthless and a waste of your already limited time. The true purpose of social media is to create a relationship with your clients. It’s a social platform where, if you do it right, you can create “know, like and trust”…

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How to Use Pinterest to Grow Your Business

Are you using hashtags, keywords and the right boards to attract your ideal customer on Pinterest and grow your business? This post will show you how to set your Pinterest business account up for success.

Me: Are you using Pinterest? Every Client: Absolutely. I am always on it looking for recipes.  Me: No, for your business. Client: … Knowing what to do with Pinterest can be tough, especially if you are only thinking of it as a place to save recipes, home decor and fashion. Pinterest is WAY more than a pretty filing cabinet and…

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