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Why You Need to Be Using Pinterest

Are you Pinterest-ing? Aren’t I punny? The correct answer is, “No and you aren’t all that original either”. I have teenagers, so you aren’t telling me anything new. BUT, being Pinteresting is important if you want to get the most out of Pinterest. So let’s find out your answer to my not so punny question, “Are You Pinterest-ing?” If you…
June 4, 2019
Best Social Media Tips of 2018

My 15 Best Social Media Tips of 2018

Are you ready? I was feeling inspired to share some of my favorite social media tips from 2018 all in one place, in the hopes that it might make your life even just a tiny fraction easier. Who doesn't want that? If you don’t currently get my newsletter, where I drop three new social media tips every week, you are…
Leah Anderson
November 1, 2018

5 Self-Care Tips to Boost Your Productivity

You know that feeling when you are at your complete wits end? Everything is stressing you out and your to-do list has you feeling completely overwhelmed? Your brain feels hazy and you can’t think straight? You start one task only forgetting to complete it because you’re distracted by yet another notification? Time to take control. In order to truly function…
October 11, 2018

How to Fix Your Boring Instagram Bio

Be honest with me for a second: is your Instagram bio boring? Does it stand out in any way? Does it describe how amazing you (or your business or blog) are? Does it show off your personality? There’s a good chance that if you haven’t thought about your bio in a while, it’s probably boring, stale and super un-exciting. But…
Leah Anderson
October 4, 2018

Instagram Stories Tips and Tricks to Try Today

In case you’ve been living under a rock or more likely have just been really busy, Instagram Stories are all the rage right now. Get this: as of June 2018, there were 400 million Instagram user stories posted DAILY.  And that’s an increase of 100 million from less than a year before that. That is a crazy stat! It tells…
Leah Anderson
September 27, 2018

How to Find Your Social Media Voice

One of the most important marketing elements of your brand is your voice. Especially your social media voice. Getting clear on your social media voice and referencing it every time you sit down to write a blog post or social media post will help your brand stand out in the crowd. If all of your social media posts were suddenly…
Leah Anderson
September 20, 2018

Grow Your Instagram Following in Just 20 Minutes a Day

Actual conversations I have daily: Client: I want ALL the followers on Instagram. Me: How much time do you spend each day on Instagram engaging? Client: None. Me: *blink blink blink* If you went to a party with the intention of making 20 new friends and then sat in the corner with your cocktail and phone the entire time, guess…
Leah Anderson
September 13, 2018

6 Simple Steps to Creating a Social Media Plan

If you don’t have a social media plan, you don’t have social media. Just throwing crap up without intention, is worthless and a waste of your already limited time. The true purpose of social media is to create a relationship with your clients. It’s a social platform where, if you do it right, you can create “know, like and trust”…
August 16, 2018
4 Reasons You Need a Social Media Calendar (2)

4 Reasons You Need A Social Media Calendar

What are you going to post on social today? What about tomorrow? Where is that link you were going to promote? And the corresponding image? AND ... what hashtags should you use? Is this you every time you sit down to post on your social media accounts? If  your answer is “Yes,” DON'T FEEL BAD. You’re in the majority. According…
Leah Anderson
August 9, 2018

Why Women Entrepreneurs Need a Strong Female Business Tribe

You have a business idea and you’re pretty excited about it...but you’re not quite sure if it’s brilliant or bonkers. You know what you want to accomplish but you could use a sounding board or a little feedback to polish the idea. What do you do next? Most female entrepreneurs work in isolation. Especially when you’re just getting started with…
Leah Anderson
August 2, 2018