Simplifying Social Monthly:A Different Kind of Membership for Female Entrepreneurs

Feeling overwhelmed and incapable when it comes to social media? You're not alone. I speak to women all day, every day who are feeling the same way.

Simplifying Social Monthly is going to change your life. Sounds dramatic? It’s not.

If you are like most of my clients before they found me, you have spent so many hours spinning your wheels with social media and you aren’t getting any results. You still have no idea what you are doing, where to actually put your efforts and what info is worth your time and what is just BS.

You need someone to not only teach you, but to be AVAILABLE to you. You need a group of like-minded women to support you and mastermind with on your journey. Simplifying Social Monthly is exactly what you need.

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Please Help Me Simplify My Social!

Social Media

It isn’t simply creating an account and throwing some photos and words at it. Social Media is the face and personality of your business. It requires a clear understanding of the purpose and value you provide and a well thought out and simplified plan.

If your social accounts look like a shopping cart of your products you are getting it wrong. Your social space is the space to relate to your customers. It's where you give them a reason to buy from you, not force your products on them.

I am here to help you clarify who you are, who your customers are and to create plan that will speak directly to them.

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60 Days to Social

If you are like most brands, you are flying by the seat of your keyboard. You throw up random photos, post irregularly and see no engagement or results from your social.

Like everything else in business, you get what you put in. Social Media requires a strategic plan. Every single post on every single platform should be thought out, planned out and branded with your specific voice.

I can take your social strategy from white noise to a voice that stands out in the crowd in only 60 days.

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You can’t sell yourself as a social media strategist if you don’t have the goods to back it up. I have the goods.

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